Mission and Strategies

Pantex production technicians

The Pantex mission is Securing America as the NNSA'S production integrator and provider of the nuclear deterrent to the Department of Defense; serving the Nuclear Security Enterprise through our highly reliable people, processes, infrastructure, and business systems.

Engineering and Technology

For decades, Pantex Engineering has provided technology solutions for the manufacturing, evaluation, and testing of nuclear explosives, joint test beds, and other special nuclear materials.  This experience uniquely qualifies these scientists and engineers to provide technology solutions for a variety of problems, especially in the classified arena.  Pantex has organizations dedicated to computerized special tooling, test equipment (including critical nuclear explosive testers), packaging, and system engineering.  These organizations design, prototype, fabricate, test and qualify sensitive tooling and test equipment for use in our most critical areas, Category I nuclear facilities.  In addition, Pantex facility system engineers have expertise in lightning penetration analysis and prevention in highly critical operational areas to ensure a safe and stable configuration.  Pantex provides these same engineering services, and facility evaluations, to other sites with similar critical or high risk operations.

Defense and Weapons Support

As the nation’s primary site for assembly and disassembly of nuclear weapons, Pantex also provides major support through the External Mission Center to the DoD and the United Kingdom (UK) Ministry of Defense.  Our production technicians have the training and skills to support the DoD’s requirement for inspection, retrofit, and surveillance of our stockpile, as well as assembly of war reserve and telemetry test flights.   In addition to support of the US stockpile, Pantex also supports the UK’s AWE with test equipment, joint reentry systems, and a variety of information exchange working groups.